Centre Stage at the Glasgow West End Festival

June 13th 2004 @ 4:00pm

The Clan Wallace band will be taking centre stage at the West End festival, where they will be raising local public awareness of the unsatifactory situation regarding the Wallace Monument at Robroyston, Glasgow. At the gig the band will issue leaflets (see extract below) urging the audience to register there support online.
If you wish to attend this free festival the Centre Stage is located at the cross roads of Byres Road & Hyndland Street.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support.
Seoras Wallace
Clan Wallace

(Start of Leaflet Extract)
"Braveheart Petition Robroyston, Glasgow where 700 years ago William Wallace last saw Scotland as a free man. As on this location in 1305 William Wallace was captured, then taken to England and brutally executed. This location has virtually no status officially and is even being used as a dump for rubbish. We feel Robroyston should be a protected site for future generations. Therefore, as access and safety are paramount for visitors to the location, we need your help. Register your support online if you want to honour one of Scotland’s greatest sons. We will then forward your voice by petition to the Scottish Parliament to consider acknowledging that the location known as Robroyston should be upgraded to a National monument that comes under the protection of the people and friends of Scotland."
Register Your Support Online
To register your support and help promote the International admiration for Scotland and William Wallace, simply log on to: http://www.BraveheartScotland.com/robroyston.asp "Save our Heritage" and register your vote…….thank you!


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