Politics is not a show

Dear friends living in the USA, I talk to you because I know that none of you may be called “racist”, (of course if you were it you could not be my friends) and because I know that it is useless to talk to the “real racists”. I also know, however, that many of you have a “superiority complex” against the Black People, legacy of a prejudice that comes from afar and whose genesis is not possible to fully analyze here and now. For us Europeans, I say it affectionately, it’s very funny this your “prejudice” and it’s very funny, for example, to know that in some quarters of U.S. cities, the houses have a lower price if there live a majority of Black Americans. (I do not like the word Afro-American, because if one is born in the U.S. is an American and stop.)
The film suggested below is about an American very good at his job. So good to become one of the most important neurosurgeons in the world!
I wish to all of you to live well, happy and in good healt.
Let me ask, however, a simple question: in case of need, would you rather be treated by him or by any white doctor? Answer honestly, and if the answer is: “him”, after the second debate, when reporters ask you who you vote for, respond with the heart. And Obama will fly back ahead in the polls, awaiting to take an avalanche of votes in November and to become the 45th President of your country. “Your” 45th President.
“Nobody has blames or merits for where he was born or for the color of his skin. He only has blames or merits for how he lives.” Never forget this.

“WWW.YOUTUBE.COM – Gifted Hands The Ben Carson Story Full Film”
(lino lavorgna)

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